Even though I’m a self-professed self-improvement addict – bouncing from one goal to the next – I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions. They feel so heavy and boring, and don’t inspire me to action.

But I stumbled across this article today, and – trauma or no – I think it offers up some pearls of wisdom that work for anyone.

Beyond Carb-Cutting: Resolutions After a Trauma – Sleep, Play, Love

Two pieces of this article stuck with me, and though I won’t call them resolutions, I do hope to keep them in mind in 2015:

  1. Seek crumbs of pleasure
  2. Form cocoon-sized units of love with people I love

My crumbs of pleasure; my cocoon-sized units of love:1614500_10154670514080198_6219731873635635046_o1957739_10154753573630198_1854170094409800289_o