The snow/sleet is falling outside my window, and much of the District has been shut down. A day at home? Don’t mind if I do. This bout of snowy wintry weather started on Sunday – Barley and I were going for a run just as the flakes started to fall, so I brought my camera.


Barley is either alarmed by the falling snow or she saw a squirrel down in Rock Creek Park

I have always loved these lion statues on either side of the bridge near my house. They are huge and regal, and make me feel like I am in Narnia.DSC00140DSC00141Speaking of animals that don’t really belong in DC, you can see the legs of an elephant behind this plant (don’t the snowflakes look so pretty?).DSC00146

Here is that elephant in all it’s glory. You can see that he has been draped in Christmas lights for the season. Pretty random addition to a neighborhood, don’t you think? But I rather like him.


One of the finest things about a winter day is making a good potato soup. I used sage instead of tarragon (I highly recommend this), and though I know it is sacrilege to say so, the amount of bacon in this recipe is way too much. Still very yummy (and hearty)!


And the photo above also gives you a peek of one of my favorite Christmas albums by Sufjan Stevens.

Well, Barley and I are going to enjoy this sleepy snowy day with the Christmas lights on. Merry Christmas from the family!!

DSC00153PS. I just have to post these photos for Mr. Kyle Clark in Denver. 🙂