Something pretty monumental happened today, folks. After four years, it was finally time for Barley to upgrade her bed. These two giant things are too large for my apartment (which is why they are stacked next to my bed).


See – doesn’t this look better?
I have to say, though, that getting rid of those old beds was sort of…. sad. After I pulled them into the hallway to get them ready for the trash, Barley ran after them and plopped herself down. And I had a hard time tossing them into the dumpster – watching them lay there in all that garbage. Funny how hard it is to let things go, isn’t it? Even something as silly as a dog bed. Those beds have been up and down the East Coast with Barley and I, and it didn’t feel right just tossing them aside.

Until I saw how cute she looked laying in the bed after I brought it in the living room!

But a few minutes later I saw this, and I was stabbed with guilt (Barley never lays on the floor if her bed is in the room). I imagine she’ll adjust soon.

And it sure is nice to have a clean, new, and pretty dog bed in this house.

On a completely unrelated note, I got a little carried away in the cheese department of Trader Joes today. Oopsie!