I’ve been waiting anxiously for today, because in addition to being my adorable nephew’s first birthday (eek!), November 8th also marks the day that my Fire Cider is ready!


Fire Cider – Day 1


Fire Cider – Day 31

You may remember that I started this Fire Cider a month ago. Today I pulled it out of the pantry, strained it, added a little honey, and voila! At first I wasn’t going to try it plain and was just going to add it to tea, but then I told myself to stop being a chicken.

I took a tiny sip and – quite to my surprise – I love it! It is very spicy, and I certainly wouldn’t drink it in great quantity, but a little taste is not too bad… I’m going to make a kale salad for dinner, and I think I’ll add Fire Cider to the dressing. It will certainly pack a tangy punch.

But now I have grand Fire Cider plans…. perhaps some Hibiscus Pomegranate Fire Cider??