Every now and again, you just have to have fun with life. You know, take those mundane moments and bedazzle them a little bit.

And what is more mundane than a random wrong-number text? This is a photo of a text message I received from an unknown number this afternoon. **


I ignored this text, as I typically ignore all wrong-number-texts.

And thennnnnnn I received this text message {from the same number} a couple of hours later.


I’ve edited this photo to make it a bit more G-rated (You’re welcome)

How could I ignore such a direct (AND ALL CAPS) message?

Naturally, I decided to respond in this manner:


Click the photo to see a larger picture

I really really wish this person would text back. Number one I want their reaction, and number two I want to know about this motherf*$#in fox.

Though I am left wondering – What does the fox say? And WHO EXACTLY had my number before I did???

**I know, I know – who doesn’t have a smartphone? I am forced to take photos of my cell phone screen a la 2006. Sigh.