We all have the option of changing our world for the gloriously unattainable better. You can struggle through something and feel mired quite deeply in it in one moment, and the next you are practically flying high with happiness. Whether it is a series of small decisions or – in my case – one big decision that sets you on your way, there is no doubt about it: being on this side is quite nice. Today, I am so grateful that I had the courage to make one big decision that has put me on a path that leaves me careening out of control towards and through happiness.


I bought the onesie. Yes, cheeky boy. I love him.


I finished the jacket. It is not perfect, but it is done (a big deal for me)

Levinder Jacket Levinder Jacket 2

Listening to this right now (for free!), and love it so much I just bought the box set. So excited for it to arrive in the mail. Sufjan Stevens, Silver & Gold. Yes, you should listen too.

Getting ready to make some homemade ornaments for my tree. This is what I’m thinking of working on (click the photo to be taken to the tutorial). If you have fun suggestions, please let me know!







I went to a book release party for PIE: A Hand Drawn Almanac tonight. It was so cute! They were selling the cookbook (a very cute book of pie recipes with hand-drawn photos) and giving out pie (may I recommend the Speculoos Icebox pie?) and mulled wine (yes please!). I don’t even like pie, but loved this pie. Seriously, I think I’ll make one this weekend to eat whilst decorating the tree! I had to buy two of their books, because people I know need to own it.

December is shaping up quite fabulously. I’m going easy-ish on the consumerism (though I did drop a dollar or two at Papyrus purchasing wrapping paper and Christmas cards), heavy on the homemade, and trying to put a little celebration into this otherwise hectic month. How do you love to celebrate the season?

Much love,

Dana (in DC)