These days have been collapsing into each other and rushing by me so quickly, and I suddenly log on to this blog and find that I haven’t posted since the 2nd! A lot can happen in 9 days. The election is over, craziness at work has put a halt to much of my social life, and…..


My sister gave birth to beautiful Levinder Bernard on ¬†November 8th, and even though I haven’t met him yet, I am absolutely smitten. I so so so wish that we all lived closer to each other so that I could smother that little boy in kisses, bake things for my sister and clean her house, give a high five to Big Brother, and hug my amazing brother-in-law. I’m so blessed to be able to spend next week with them and with my parents – it will surely be my most grateful Thanksgiving ever.

On a bit of a superficial note, I really can’t wait to shop for my Levi. Now that we know he is a little boy, I can steer clear of dress patterns and little girl outfits and focus my attentions on making and buying things that will suit a boy.

I may not be able to resist buying this onesie (from Caustic Threads)….

For this reason…..

Did I mention I already love this little boy?

Project of the day (whilst getting some work done from home) will involve this book and this fabric. I bought the fabric over the summer (before I knew that Levi was a boy), and haven’t been inspired to make anything. Knowing he is a boy makes me happy about the fabric, and ready to tackle one of the projects in the book.

In this month of giving thanks, consider me the most grateful Aunt, and the most grateful Sister.