Two weekends ago I went apple picking with a big group of people at Larriland Farms in Woodbine, Maryland, which means that I needed to turn those apples into something tasty.


Call me lazy, but the reason that I waited 8 days to make something with the apples is that I really didn’t want to peel them. Usually peeling apples is my cup of tea (it’s quite cathartic, no?), but I just wasn’t feeling it last week.

So I decided to wing it and just make an apple crisp without peeling the apples. More fiber, right? I found a recipe online, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It was good, but it called for so much sugar (being late at night when I made it, I was operating on robot mode and blindly followed the recipe). I’m of the opinion that you should let the apples shine and not cover them with sugar. I’m intrigued by this Maple Apple Crisp recipe from Healthy Food For Living, and I’ll give it a try next time.


Guess who wishes she could eat apple crisp?


Be well,

Dana (in DC)