This week has been a rough week for people living along the Atlantic. Earlier in the week many people lost their homes and lives in the Caribbean, and the same played out last night along the East Coast of the United States. No matter how old you are, it IS scary to see one of the world’s largest cities (and one of my favorite cities) get battered and harassed, flooded and burned. All of the loss and devastation leaves me alternately sad for the people involved and grateful that Barley and I were spared the worst.

Today, I am grateful for:


The DC DOT gets an A+ from me. At about 10am this morning I witnessed this:


I sent a short little email to DDOT basically saying: “I know you’ve got lots going on, but we have a sink hole at XX address, and even if you can’t fill it in it would probably be a fine idea to cordon it off and alert the owner of that vehicle there that they may want to move it.” And at 4pm today, I witness this:

DDOT – I am a fan. Thank you for working when the rest of us are watching HGTV Design Star reruns on hulu and drinking champagne. Thank you for being extraordinary.

2. Thank you, rain boots

They are cute. I love them. And coupled with this amazing Patagonia Women’s Torrentshell Trench Coat (link will take you to a write-up on my old blog)  that I snagged on clearance at REI, they make walking in the rain quite nice.

3. This dog, who forces me to go outside in the rain when I am inclined to stay on the couch.


4. This champagne, and this apricot juice, which will soon be combined to create a little drink for me. To celebrate the end of the storm, or the end of our hurricane hibernation, or perhaps just joy at being alive and at perhaps seeing the sun in the next two days.

5. These apples, which are currently being turned into apple crisp (and making my house smell divine)

6. Sandy, for not quite taking all of our fall leaves.


7. My heart, my legs, and my lungs, which all conspired in a wonderfully delightful way to allow me to complete the best marathon, the people’s marathon, The Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday, October 28, 2012.


Be Well (and Grateful),

Dana (in DC)