As you’ve probably heard, Sandy is at this moment barreling down on the East Coast. Millions of people are currently evacuating, hunkering down at home, living sans electricity, etc. Here in DC, Barley and I have been quite lucky so far. Though the rain is pounding outside, and the trees are moving from fully vertical to slightly horizontal, we still have power and are safe and dry inside.

At about 2:30, we were looking at this:

At 5:00, it was more like this:

the wind and rain start to pick up….

The wind is picking up a lot right now, but it is also getting difficult to snap a photo with the dying light. Hoping that everyone on the coast and my family in NJ are staying safe.

Though we have been blessed with electricity and a warm house, we don’t have a coffee pot (both my coffee pot and french press broke several months ago and I have been too busy lazy to replace them). Since the weather is keeping us from trotting to the closest coffee shop (and since my coffee addiction is just that), a little innovation was in order.

Coffee without a coffee pot

or, how to get your caffeine fix when Sandy is banging at your door

1. Boil water

2. Find a coffee filter

3. Fill said filter with a scoop of coffee grounds (use more if you like a stronger cup)

4. Tie up your filter into a little satchel (so cute!)

5. Fill your cup with boiling water

5. Put satchel into boiling water and wait

6. Remove satchel and squeeze excess water, being careful not to burn yourself

this silicone gripper doubled well as a coffee satchel squeezer!

7. Prepare as you typically do (I’m a milk and sugar gal but also added cinnamon and nutmeg to this cup for an extra special treat)

8. Make a little snack to go with your coffee

bread, extra sharp cheddar cheese, spinach and artichoke hummus, and strawberries

9. Enjoy!

The storm is increasing in intensity now, but we are happily still dry. I intend to take a cue from Barley and put a little relaxation on the calendar.

Be well!

Dana (in DC)